Rejoice With Me

Feeling thankful, Please rejoice with me.

I don't expect anything worthwhile to be easy and the creation of this website with all its product in it has been a long journey to fulfil one of my long term dreams. I am so thankful, seriously for real, I am so, so very thankful to finally be at this point. I know people who know what it means to have worked hard on a dream and to reach a certain point understand how I am feeling right now and can rejoice with me and people who are working hard to reach their goals can also feel happy with me too because you too will reach your goals.

The journey to the completion of this website has been a long one with many hours spent working and working and working. To make things even more crunching this is only one of 15 websites I have been working on, and being an artist creating many art from scratch has kept me very busy but this project Victorian Times is my little dream fantasy "British baby" come to life.

Ok,  I will admit I love the British/Scottish countryside, and though as of this date I haven't made it to Scotland yet but hopefully I will soon. My dream is to spend time in one of those thatched roof cottage by a fireplace with a beautiful garden in the front and the back, I mean not a big sprawling cottage but the cottage being small enough for just me with a thatched roof and beautiful glades and nearby with wide open spaces and tree covered meandering countryside streams to go on long walks, roaming about and coming back exhausted but happy to have tea and scones beside the fireplace...hummm haaa. so of course with that dream I love all the dreamy romantic art of the Victorian era. 

I am an artist who have spent hundreds of hours scouring around at antique shows and on the internet for just the right antique arts and images and have spent almost three years working four 16 hour days every week for three plus years. The sorting, organizing and designing and then searching for printers, cutters and sewers who can create great quality items clothing and accessories, have taken lots of time.

I tell you these details because so I know there are many who would appreciate all the time this has taken to create all these items to be printed and sewn and also for the website to be created which I have also had to do myself. Why? because people I tried to hire just wasn't getting my vision of how I wanted it all done and moreover, also it wasn't a website that could be done all in one go, it was a bit by bit process and it is still being tweaked as I add and delete products.

So feeling thankful is not even the word, I am beyond thankful so please rejoice with me, have a cup of tea and just be....