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Victorian lady design ceramic mugs, various inside colors, Among the Blossoms

Victorian lady design ceramic mugs, various inside colors, Among the Blossoms

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These ceramic mugs are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Make this your very special know the one that is just for you, your special treat. This is the idea behind offering these.

Imagine having a cup of tea or coffee in your actual garden or sipping while you are dreaming of your garden.

Or sitting at a bistro table on your alone time enjoying your quiet time or with a friend or friends.

What about just being any place at anytime where you find peace and tranquility sipping your tea or coffee in this unique designed mug?..

Reading a book or scrolling/browsing the internet? Watching a movie cuddled in a blanket especially in a matching blanket we carry of 100 percent woven cotton, feeling warm and cozy or wrapped in one of our warm and cozy micro fiber blanket.

humm... don't forget just relaxing in bed on matching duvet or comforter, or reclining on your sofa with covered under matching blankets and leaning back on matching throw pillows, all while sipping your tea or coffee splurging on yourself with the one life you have to live...

well at least that is how we see things and do things, working hard but setting aside time to enjoy life to the fullest..and we hope you are too..

Sorry about some of our mock up images, they are not coming out right at all on our website but these mugs are so cute we didn't want to not carry them because of that, however we are working on better images..

And for our die hard Made in the USA customers, this is printed in the USA by one of our favorite USA based companies.

Care instructions: Hand washing will ensure the design does not fade.

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