About Us

We are designers who love Victorian, vintage and antique stuff so we are very happy to collect old art and repurpose them our way, we also design our own and love to print them on things we clothing, accessories and home decor. Its awesome to carry Victorian or vintage design handbags dressed up with matching umbrellas, and decorate our rooms with Victorian design duvet covers, Victorian design curtains, Victorian design tapestry art, Victorian design fine art etc to give that Victorian look and feel.

Oh wow lets not even begin to talk about the amazing romantic days gone by nightwear, night gowns and just the lady of the house feel and look. And actually drinking tea at a bistro table dressed up in those long ago outfits.

Who actually do these things at home and go out and about with Victorian design umbrella, Victorian design handbags, Victorian design weekender totes etc? We do and many people are actually living their dream life when they want and with whomever they want and wherever they want. 

And for those who love shows such as Little House on the Prairie, Dr Quinn the medicine woman, The Waltons, Downtown Abbey etc, you know the feeling of reliving those days in the movies, its something else to actually live it in your own live in ways such as carrying a handbag depicting the lifestyle, cuddling up under a blanket with design depicting the lifestyle..etc..

We take you back to days gone by.